KBDFans Keyboard Sleeve and TKL Carry Case Updates for the Tofu60, Tofu65, Taco and Taco Pad

This week we’ve updated nearly all our keyboard sleeves (aside from the 40%) fit compatibility lists to include new keyboards from KBDFans.

KBDFans Tofu65 2.0

The 65% KBDFans Tofu65 2.0 (pictured above) fits nicely in the Standard size of our 65% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve / Carry Case.

KBDFans Tofu60 2.0


Meanwhile our Standard size 60% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve / Carry Case is best suited for the KBDFans Tofu60 2.0.

KBDFans Taco and Taco Pad

KBDFans’ 75% Taco keyboard will fit best into our Standard size 75% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve / Carry Case if using GMK/Cherry profile keycaps or lower height keycaps.

If you decide to use taller profile keycaps like sculpted SA profile or Drop MT3 keycaps–we recommend getting a Large size 75% sleeve instead for a better fit and more breathing room.

And as for the Taco Pad numpad, you’ll be happy to know it fits nicely in our Numeric Keypad / Mouse Carry Case.

KBDFans Odin 75

For the larger 75% KBDFans Odin 75 you’ll  want a TKL Carry Case as it’s significantly larger than your typical 75% keyboard with its almost TKL layout.

Important note: the Odin 75 will not fit our Large size 75% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve due to its width and length.