60% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve

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Please allow up to 1 week (up to 2 weeks if custom/personalized) for production before shipping.

To ensure the proper fit of your keyboard, click here for a list of popular keyboards that fit or contact us if your keyboard isn’t listed.

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Choose the sleeve size based on your keyboard.
Most 60% keyboards fit in the Standard size sleeve.
Refer to the list of popular keyboards listed in the description or contact us first if unsure about fit.

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Personalize your order with a hand-stamped leather label (up to 3 capital letters)
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This sleeve / case is made out of lightly-waxed canvas that is durable and water resistant.


Standard sleeve:
12.5 in. x 6.25 in. x 1.75 in. (L x W x D)
32 cm x 16 cm x 4.5 cm (L x W x D)

Large Bezel sleeve:
14.17 in. x 6.25 in. x 1.75 in. (L x W x D)
36 cm x 16 cm x 4.5 cm (L x W x D)

These measurements are of the sleeve while closed and laying flat. The overall depth and width will change once a keyboard is inserted.

To ensure the proper fit of your keyboard, check the list of compatible keyboards in the description or click here to contact us prior to making a purchase.

Popular Keyboards That Fit

Standard sleeve fits:

  • Vortex POK3R / Poker II
  • GK64
  • KC60
  • KBParadise V60
  • Sentraq S60-X
  • XD60/XD64
  • Saber 60
  • XD75RE
  • HHKB Pro / Pro 2 / Pro 2 Type-S / Pro 2 BT
  • HHKB Classic / HYBRID / HYBRID Type-S
  • Glorious GMMK Compact
  • Leaf 60
  • Tokyo60

Large Bezel sleeve fits:

  • KBDFans 5 Degree / D65
  • Ducky One 2 Mini / Mecha Mini
  • Vortex POK3R LE / TAB 60
  • Mistel Barocco MD600
  • Filco Majestouch Minila
  • Luna
  • Brutal 60
  • Klippe / Fjell

Other 60% keyboards not listed will likely fit but if you’re not sure, please contact us before making a purchase.


  • Lightly-padded top layer
  • Antique brass heavy duty magnetic snap
  • English bridle leather pull tab
  • Integrated outer pocket for USB cord storage
  • Color-matched carry handle
  • Sewn with heavy duty nylon thread
  • Stress points are double and triple stitched

The outer pocket can accommodate standard and custom sleeved and/or coiled USB cables of moderate length.


Lightly Waxed Canvas
The premium canvas* we use is coated with a light layer of proprietary wax, making the outer shell highly water-resistant. Unlike fully-waxed canvas, it won’t have a wrinkled or cracked appearance over time and with continued use.

The canvas feels dry to the touch (fully-waxed canvas typically feels waxy or damp) and it will not transfer onto other materials like your keyboard case, clothing or other items it comes into contact with.

* This is a special textile produced by a family-run business in the USA since the 1930s. They are one of the last companies still producing this kind of high quality material.

Cotton Twill Lining
A tan coloured, 100% cotton twill lining makes for a soft and sturdy interior with no loose fibres. No more worrying about snagging your keycaps or static electricity buildup.

Leather Pull Tab
Made out of a beautiful, vegetable tanned English bridle leather the pull tab makes it easy to secure your keyboard with minimum effort.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 6.25 × 1.75 in

16 reviews for 60% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve

  1. Ned S

    Amazing product and it looks great while protecting my Poker II going to work and home

  2. Hyunjun C

    Perfect fit to my Happy Hacking Bluetooth. Like it

  3. Joel P

    Nice bag for my Poker II keyboard. It looks very nice and has lots of room for my cables as well. The only thing that bugs me is that my keyboard is not snug and has some wiggle room. I was expecting it to be a snug fit. Other then that I’m happy with my purchase.

  4. borysmr

    Great product, even the way it was packed, made you feel like this case has been specially made for you. (which was plus from me, since bought it as a gift) There was no defects on product itself, no loose, sticking out threads, no crooked seams, clasp works smoothly, spotless clean fabric. Since its waxed canvas, it comes with instruction how to properly clean it. (Im a person who constantly mixes colour clothes with white ones in wash, so that was nice addition too) You can tell it has been made by someone who really cares about the quality of their product! I’m very satisfied with the purchase, totally worth its price (IMO it is save to say, that it’s worth more than asked price), definitely will be ordering anytime soon a second one, this time for myself!

  5. David

    Very satisfied with the quality of the bag delivered. Would recommend.

  6. ponkii

    Really nice sleeve, fits my anne pro perfectly

  7. J. DiNola

    Super grateful to Christian for answering my question about keyboard dimensions. I was looking for a Nintendo Switch case when I found these wonderful sleeves for portable keyboards. I own an older wireless bluetooth portable Filco keyboard—it’s my preferred “work” keyboard anytime I’m traveling with laptop and/or iPad—but, since the keyboard wasn’t cheap, I’m kind of nervous about traveling with it. And, as a lady, I prefer waxed canvas handbags because they are so light yet resist the elements. So this elegant case was everything I didn’t know I wanted or needed! It is sturdily made and it looks great. My keyboard is now safe and secure. And charcoal is my favorite color! So thank you, Christian; I love it.

  8. Christopher

    I had wanted to buy two of these for a while but was hesitant at first due to the price but I am extremely glad I went through with the purchase. The materials used are very high quality and are professionally cut and stitched. Everything about these are nice, just buy one if you are thinking about it you will not be disappointed in the slightest. They are so nice that I wish they made more items like laptop bags with this quality. It fits my Pok3r and I even used it for my Tennage Enginerring OP-1 and it fit perfectly. I can even throw my iPhone 7 in the front pouch so they are versatile in that sense, you don’t need to only put a cord in front. The interior material is very soft and wont scratch up anything. I trust it the smaller one with my Nintendo Switch (lacking a screen protector), it’s that soft. Just buy it.

  9. Andrew and Kris

    Oh My! These keyboard cases are absolutely stunning! Christian and Cat definitely have something amazing going on here for the r/mk keyboard community. Excellent quality with great attention to detail from packaging to finished product. I should definitely post up some good quality photos on Reddit just to show how amazing these are – hopefully soon 😉 I’ll definitely be ordering another one once they go back on sale. Again, thank you both for making such amazing products – Andrew from Canada! 🙂

  10. hmeissner

    Beautiful craftsmanship, solid and looks even better in person than in the pictures. My 60% keyboard fits p e r f e c t l y.

  11. Briano

    very good quality. exceeds expectation. highly recommended!

  12. buccaneerbunnie


  13. fobinator

    Really high quality and well made. Shipping was fast as well

  14. Stefano C

    Beautiful craftsmanship! Thank you so much!!

  15. jlrmfifty

    Beautifully crafted would recommend

  16. frank.c

    The sleeve is the perfect size for moving the HHKB in and out easily and I especially like the magnetic snap when I close the flap. Thanks again!

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