Midnight Blue + Red numpad case and a Midnight Blue + Orange Nintendo 2DS custom case

Midnight Blue + Red / Orange
Midnight Blue +Red and Midnight Blue + Orange color combinations.

Wondering how the Red and Orange bottom trims look with Midnight Blue? Here are a couple of ideas!

The HHKB is sitting inside a stock Midnight Blue + Charcoal Grey 60% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve.

A Magicforce 21-key mechanical Numpad is nestled inside the Midnight Blue + Red custom sleeve with a personalized, stamped leather label.

On the right we have a Midnight Blue + Orange custom sleeve for a Black + Blue Nintendo 2DS case.

You can get a 60% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve in your choice of colors by adding the Custom Color Add-On to your cart.

Numpad cases are a special custom order item at this item. If you’re interested in one please contact us.