How to Care for your Bag, Sleeve or Carry Case

Waxed Canvas Care

Re-Waxing Your Carry Good

Step 1
Pre-heat the surface of the item you want to re-wax with a hair dryer set to high.

Run the hair dryer back and forth across the fabric to warm it up. This will help the fabric melt and absorb the wax evenly.


Step 2
Rub the flat side of the wax block evenly across the surface of the fabric.


Step 3
Rub one of the wax block’s edges against any corners, edges or seams.



Step 4
Reheat the surface evenly with the hair dryer set on high to help melt the wax. Allow the item to cool naturally.

(Optional) You can test for water-repellency by spraying or sprinkling water across the surface.



Video Tutorial: How to Rewax Modern Coup Carry Goods