Alternative case or sleeve to carry a NuPhy Air75 instead of the NuFolio

The NuPhy Air75 can be carried in a NuFolio V2 but if you’re looking for better protection for just the keyboard itself, it’ll fit nicely into one of our 75% sleeves in the Standard size.

A sleeve gives you the added benefit of protection from the elements, water resistance, a handy outer pocket and a carry handle. Throw the sleeve into a bag and pull it out easily when you need it or carry it alone with your laptop or tablet on its own.

We’ve updated our list of compatible keyboards to include the NuPhy Air75.

Note that only the NuPhy Air75 will fit into the sleeve–it won’t fit the keyboard while inside the NuFolio. If you’re looking to carry it while inside the NuFolio, you’ll want one of our TKL Carry Cases instead.

If you have a NuPhy Air60, you’ll want one of our 60% sleeves in the Standard size.