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This Week In The Studio

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I just want to show you some photos I took in the studio this week. Sometimes I put them on Instagram, but I think I’ll compile a few at the end of each week and post it here.

These are a couple of pencil pouches in charcoal greyThe one at the bottom with the brass zipper is what is in stock in the shop. The one at the top is a sample carbon colour zipper I wanted to try. I think I still like the brass one more.



A couple of completed bags. The Commuter Bag in charcoal grey (left) and a Utility Tote with added front pockets. 



My parents take care of the little one when I work. Lately, it has been raining a lot in Vancouver, so he usually stays in. Here he is hanging around the studio playing hide and seek behind my chair.

Custom Bag: Utility Tote As A Modern Diaper Bag | Waxed Canvas and Leather | All Black with Front Pockets and Name Personalization

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This is a custom Utility Tote for Noelle in Phoenix, Arizona. She was looking for a stylish and modern diaper bag and chose the Utility Tote with added front pockets.

This tote in all black looks so cool and minimal. It makes a good diaper bag because the lightly waxed canvas is water resistant and it has 6 organizing pockets in total.



Noelle also added a personalized name label to her bag. This option can be added to any bag or pouch in the shop.

Custom Bag: Commuter Bag with Long Tote Straps | Lightly Waxed Canvas and Leather | Charcoal Grey

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I’m a little behind on posting some of the custom bags I’ve been making lately. I’ll post a few in a row in the next little while.

This is a custom Commuter Bag for Lyndi in Wilmington, California. The regular Commuter Bag has short hand-held handles. Lyndi wanted long tote straps so that she can wear this bag on the shoulder and across the body (messenger style) when she needs to.



  • Lyndi also added a personalized leather label with her last name shortened.
  • 2 front pockets were also added the front of the bag for added organization.
  • The crossbody strap is adjustable and detachable
  • A full brass zipper runs across the top of the bag for security.

Best Free Places To Go In Vancouver: Granville Island – Industrial Buildings

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Each time I go to Granville Island in Vancouver, I always find something interesting. This time, it’s  the colourful industrial buildings and the scenery. Here’s some shots I took while walking around.

I’m not sure what the aluminum and yellow concrete buildings are used for. Typically though, there are many artisans and small manufacturers on Granville Island. I like the contrast in colours and materials.



This is a small industrial building close to the entrance of Granville Island. It’s the workshop of Forge and Form Goldsmith.



Now this isn’t a real building, but a bird house. I know…lucky birds. It would be neat if there was a real sized studio that looked like this. 

Custom Bag: Commuter Bag (Toddler Bag) with Luggage Strap| Waxed Canvas and Leather | Midnight Blue and Charcoal Grey

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This is a custom Commuter Bag for Clare in San Francisco, California. She has a young son, so she needed something big enough for her and her son’s belongings. Clare told me she already has quite a few large bags, so she was looking for a mid-sized bag that she can take everywhere and be hands-free.

She chose these custom colours; midnight blue and charcoal grey. I think this combination looks really nice on this bag. Feminine and utilitarian.



Clare plans on travelling in the near future, so she wanted to add the luggage strap to the back of her bag. This is a very handy option, especially if she’s planning to travel with her toddler son.



Here are some detailed shots of the bag:

  • 2 front pockets were added to the front of the bag for easy reach of things she needs right away.
  • A full brass zipper closure at the top of the bag, so everything is secure.
  • solid and antique (muted) brass hardware throughout.
  • a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. Wear it on the shoulder or across the body.

What A Medium Zipper Tote Looks Like After 3 Years of Use

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This Medium Zipper Tote in charcoal grey was purchased by Miranda in Toronto, Ontario 3 years ago. Recently, Miranda contacted me and asked if I would customize this bag and put a crossbody strap on for her. She said she really likes this tote, but also wants to wear it across her body, like a messenger bag.

The above picture is of Miranda’s tote. She kept it in really nice condition.



This is Miranda’s tote after the crossbody/shoulder strap was put on. Actually, this bag is called the Carrier Tote in the shop. It’s a very versatile bag because it can be worn on the shoulder or messenger style.



After 3 years, the bag is in fairly good condition. The wax has faded somewhat, but the wear on it is minimal.

I like working with this lightly waxed canvas because it doesn’t rub off on your clothing or anything that the bag touches. As you can see, the rub off is very little considering it was used for a number of years. Some waxed canvases or cottons are heavily waxed and it just gets onto everything. Having said that though, it really depends what you’re using it for. Remember, this material was originally used in the sailing industry, so they needed it to be really waxed and tough.

Custom Bag: Utility Tote | Waxed Canvas and Leather Bag| 2 Front Pockets | Black with Brown Straps

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This is a custom Utility Tote for Catherine in Coldwater, Ontario, Canada. She added the 2 front pockets to the Utility Tote and wanted brown vegetable tanned leather straps, rather than black. This simple change creates a whole different look for the bag. This beautiful leather really stands out with the black.



Here are some detailed shots of the bag. Lightly waxed water resistant canvas, solid and antique brass hardware, a full zipper closure and an adjustable/detachable shoulder strap.

New Bag: Minimal Purse in Charcoal Grey

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I”ve been selling the Minimal Purse in black for quite some time now. There have been some custom requests for this bag to be in charcoal grey, so I decided to stock this colour in the shop. The grey and the brown strap still looks very minimal, don’t you think? If you are interested in one, you’ll now find it here in the shop. 



This purse is not too small and not too big, which makes it a great companion for walks, shopping, travelling and everywhere you want to be hands-free. 

Toys Left In The Studio

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When I post on Instagram (@moderncoup), I try to have a theme for the day. I posted these photos that are about toys left around the studio by my 2nd little man. It’s one part work room and one part daycare.

Here’s Percy from Thomas and Friends. If you have young kids, you probably know of this show. I really enjoy watching it with my kids.


This is Bear Bear and Bunny. Bear Bear is actually Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, but my little man insists he’s Bear Bear.

Best Free Places To Go In Vancouver: Granville Island – Under The Granville Street Bridge

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I like to go to Granville Island whenever possible. I was there several weeks ago and there’s something I never noticed before that was so interesting. When you’re at Granville Island and you look up, the Granville Street Bridge’s structure is actually quite magnificent.

This bridge connects the south side of Vancouver to downtown. Here in this photo, across the water is a downtown neighbourhood called Yaletown.



When I observed what’s around, I found this perspective. I like this view of the steel and the concrete structure. 

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

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This picture was taken in Old Montreal when we went there for our 8th wedding anniversary last Spring. I’m not sure why there was a red framed mirror hanging onto a stone building, but it was really interesting. It was also a good chance for us to take a photo of ourselves in one of  our favourite cities.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Custom Bag: Medium Zipper Tote with Front Pockets and Luggage Strap | Water Resistant Lightly Waxed Canvas and Leather | Charcoal Grey and Brown

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Melissa from Burlingame, California ordered this Medium Zipper Tote with added front pockets and a luggage strap. I’ve been meaning to make myself this bag for a while now, so this gave me the perfect opportunity to make two. I think Melissa was reading my mind.

The Medium Zipper Totes are the first bags I made for sale. I consider them my signature bags and still really like the function and the simplicity of them.



I really like adding 2 front pockets to the bags. It makes it so easy to get things that you need quickly.