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1st Annual Vancouver Mechanical Keyboard Meet-Up 2018 At Beaumont Studios

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The 1st ever Vancouver Mechanical Keyboard Meet-Up happened a little over a week ago on Sunday, March 25th. My husband, Christian, and I participated as a vendor and it was a lot of fun. I felt like I was being inducted to the world of mechanical keyboards!

Rhinofeed’s Review: Modern Coup 60% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve or Case

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Nathaniel of Rhinofeed recently reviewed the 60% mechanical keyboard case in charcoal grey. He did a very thorough review in a short amount of time. I liked how he tried to stuff small keyboards and accessories in the front pocket to see what it could fit. It was especially good when he said that the case is made out of water resistant lightly waxed canvas and that he won’t pour a cup of water on it…but he did! See how water resistant this is and check out the video.  You will find a coupon code for 20% off Modern Coup Cases until April 3rd.

Thanks  for taking the time to make this great video, Nathaniel!


Made to Order and Custom Bags / Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves

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Small batch of Utility Totes in Charcoal Grey and Brown

This year, I’m doing things a little differently. I used to be able to keep a small batch of bags that are ready to ship. As you may know, I started a 2nd online shop with my husband selling specialty cases last year ( Modern Coup Cases). Both shops are keeping me very busy, so I decided the bags and cases will now be made to order/custom order. This is a very small business so to keep the quality high, each item needs to be made with thought and care.

This isn’t a huge change. I found by running  Modern Coup (bags) that most people were looking for something uniquely theirs. I was making a lot of custom bags and that required a longer wait time.


  • For anything that doesn’t have customizations added, it will be made to order and will take 5 business days to make before shipping.
  • Anything that has customizations added will take about 7-10 business days.

Version 4.0 Update

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You typically won’t see me post a picture of myself very often on this blog. However, a big thing happened recently and I feel like a photo is appropriate. I upgraded to version 4.0 (at least I hope it’s an upgrade!). Yes, I turned 40! That number seems so big. I’m not one of those people that denies their age. I’m just more baffled about how time has passed so quickly.

The last 10 years have been a whirlwind though. I got married, had 2 babies and started this business. I think I’m just starting to catch my breath. I hope I’ll get better at my craft and continue to share with you interesting things.

Thank You And Have A Wonderful Holiday!

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It’s hard to believe 2017 is coming to an end. It’s been an incredibly busy year (not complaining) and at this time of year, I really feel that a break is necessary and I’m sure many people feel the same way. I’ll be taking a few days off with my family. We’re not going anywhere far, as I think it’s more relaxing just to stay put and enjoy watching movies, eating snacks and spending time with the boys.

I want to thank all of my wonderful customers. This business is a very personal one. As you know, it’s my own endeavour, so I take on every aspect of it. The connection is not just transactional. Through selling my bags, I get to know my customers. It’s a more personal service where I find out what you need, what you need it for, and what I can suggest. The really nice feedback I get makes me feel like I’m doing something right. The generosity I’ve received is just incredible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting independent design. Wishing you and your loved ones a relaxing, safe and fun holiday. 

Studio Update: 40% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve or Carry Case Group Buy

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Thank you everyone who participated in the 40% mechanical keyboard sleeve group buy. I didn’t know there are so many people out there that own these little keyboards! I’ve tried it myself and I get it, it’s really nice to use.

I just want to let you know that Christian (/u/pabloescobyte on Reddit) and I are working towards finishing your order. We plan on having it all finished this coming week and start getting them shipped.

We’ll also have these 40% sleeves/cases for sale on Modern Coup Cases once we are finished with the group buy. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a 60% or 65/68% sleeve, we’re currently offering free shipping in the shop.

Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves Or Carry Cases (60% and 65/68%) Are Ready To Be Shipped!

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Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves Or Carry Cases (60% and 65/68%) Are Ready To Be Shipped!

For the last 4 weeks, other than my bag orders, I have been working on, thinking about and dreaming about…

Summer 2017 Highlights: Work and Play

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Summer 2017 Highlights: Work and Play

It’s hard to believe it’s September again. I hope you had a nice summer. My family and I had a wonderful…

Update: Production of the 60 and 65/68% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves or Cases Has Started!

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Update: Production of the 60 and 65/68% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves or Cases Has Started!

Thank you everyone who participated in the group buy for the 60 and 65/68% mechanical keyboard sleeves or cases. With…

Group Buy for 60% 65% and 68% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves or Cases | Water Resistant Lightly Waxed Canvas | Handmade in Vancouver

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Group Buy for 60% 65% and 68% Mechanical Keyboard Sleeves or Cases | Water Resistant Lightly Waxed Canvas | Handmade in Vancouver

Over the last few years I’ve been watching my husband fidget with these small mechanical keyboards. He has all these…

New Bag: Courier Bag | Unisex Messenger Bag | Lightly Waxed Canvas and Leather | 2 Colours

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I finally got the Courier Bags in the shop this week. It’s now available in this midnight blue and charcoal grey combination or charcoal grey and brown.

This bag came about because 3 years ago, my husband wanted a messenger bag. He wanted to use it for work and as a diaper bag (Pax was 3 and Nol was a newborn then.) I made him a custom one that he used for years. That was version 1.0 (you can see it here). Along the way, I started appreciating that bag more and more. The wax canvas was really durable and the leather aged beautifully.

For the past few months, I’ve been working on adjustments and improvements for this bag. I feel that it is now a worthy bag to sell.


The lightly waxed canvas creates a water resistant exterior. The Italian vegetable tanned leather gets even better with wear. It gets a little darker brown and remains durable, but softer against the body.


The Courier Bag also comes in this charcoal grey  and brown combination.

Stock Pouches Revised: Version 2.0 With Optional Personalization

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I changed the size of the Stock Pouches slightly, added a new colour to the line up and added an optional personalized leather label to it.

Orange is the new colour in the selection (and no, it is not the new black). There’s also charcoal grey, brown and red.

The size is 9.5″ W x 4.25″ H x 1″ D (24cm wide x 11 cm high x 1″ deep). I gave it a bit more height and depth than version 1.o. I think this allows it to carry a lot more.

The optional personalization is a nice touch, especially if it’s for a gift. I emboss 3 initials onto it.


What’s interesting about the Stock Pouch is that it becomes what the owner uses it for. In this case, it’s a “film pouch.” What??? Isn’t film dead? Tell it to the camera enthusiasts, like my husband. It seems to actually be alive and well.