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Is It A Good Time To Be An Independent Designer?

Category : SHARE/EXPERIENCES · · by Jun 25th, 2017

I had an interesting conversation with one of my Canadian customers, in Winnipeg, who was buying a bag for her daughter. She said her daughter is thinking about going into fashion design after high school and wanted to know my thoughts on being a designer.

I can only speak of my experience, as I’ve never worked for a company doing design work. My purpose for going to fashion design school was to start my own business. I would say though that overall, it is a good time to be an independent designer. So many barriers have come down to starting your own handcrafted business. At least, you would have a chance to have a go at it with a small start-up fund. Also it’s something you can start while still working, studying or part-time to test the market.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Category : SHARE/EXPERIENCES · · by Feb 13th, 2017


This picture was taken in Old Montreal when we went there for our 8th wedding anniversary last Spring. I’m not sure why there was a red framed mirror hanging onto a stone building, but it was really interesting. It was also a good chance for us to take a photo of ourselves in one of  our favourite cities.

Happy Valentine’s Day.